Catering menu

The company employ only the best catering services, offering a wide range of simple means from our famous Pie and Pea Supper to a luxurious buffet service, please see a range of options as detailed below :-

Please note that all menu options are priced per person.

A minimum order of 15 portions is required for each menu option.

  1. Tasty steak & gravy pie topped with hot mushy peas and mint sauce. £4.50
  2. Extra Smokey hot dog in a bun, served with onions and a selection of relishes. £3.50
  3. Oven baked potato with a choice of beans/cheese/coleslaw. £3.95
  4. Steaming bowl of chilli con carne, served with rice. £4.50
  5. Hot roast beef or pork on a deliciously fresh baked bap, served with stuffing, apple sauce or mustard. £4.95
  6. Pieces of succulent chicken breast in a medium curry sauce, served with rice, Nan and mango chutney. £5.50

Cold Buffet Menu

  1. Danish open sandwiches, traditional sandwiches, pork pies, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, rice salad, pasta, fresh crunchy salad, assorted pickles, tasty selection of nibbles. £8.95
  2. Pre-carved slices of honey roast ham off the bone & roast top side of beef, chicken drumsticks, pork pie, quiche, garlic bread, onion bhaji, samosas, pasta salad, curried rice salad, crunchy salad, assorted pickles, bread rolls & butter. £11.95
  3. Cornets of smoked salmon filled with cream cheese, roast top side of beef & honey roast ham off the bone, seasoned chicken drumsticks, assorted quiches, minted baby potatoes, seafood platter, Indian tapas, rice salad, pasta salad, assorted pickles, bread rolls & butter. £13.95

Don’t forget dessert!  ....prices from £1.95 p.p

Usual options are Apple Pie, Chocolate Brownie, Cheesecake etc.